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Anticoagulation Clinic

INR testing and monitoring is available at the Anticoagulation Clinic

The Apple Valley Medical Clinic anticoagulation clinic is now open. Patients who need INR testing and monitoring can receive immediate results. Registered nurses, under the direction of a physician, monitor and adjust medication doses. This method is the standard of care, in both the state and the country, and is aimed at improving outcomes and quality of care.

If regular PT/INR tests are part of your care, they will now be scheduled with one of our registered nurses and no longer with our laboratory staff. Scheduling an appointment is necessary, as results are shared with you, adjustments to medications are made and questions are answered before you leave.

If PT/INR tests are ordered and managed by a specialist, not an Apple Valley Medical Clinic provider, appointments should be scheduled as a “lab only” procedure.

To schedule an appointment call 952-432-6161.

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